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Ankit Dey

Content Writer

Ankit Dey is our content writer who creates SEO-friendly content across various blog posts, website copies, and press releases. What makes his style special is that he conjures up words and breaks down the jargon into simple language for his readers.

He has an Integrated MTech in Biotechnology. Back in 2019, while pursuing said degree, Ankit came across an article that described various methods that scientific writers could use to make their papers more discoverable through SEO. He found it very interesting at the time. However, it would take another two years for him to fully appreciate its potential. Now that SEO managed to catch his attention, it wasn’t going to let go. While he was working part-time, he was surprised to notice how SEO boosted the organic traffic of a normal web page within weeks.

During his university days in 2021, Ankit started off his career as a part-time Web Content Writer in JustBurstOut. After his postgraduation, he joined Marketysers Global Consulting in 2022 as a Market Research Associate. There, he has worked in a cross-domain environment, primarily focusing on the healthcare and FMCG domains. After 2 years in market research, he decided to turn the wheels towards long-term goals. That's when he pursued a career in writing by aligning his passion with SEO, and came aboard UR Digital in May 2024.
A belief that Ankit adheres to is ‘Grow as you learn and learn as you grow, and maybe one day, you'll reach very close to perfection.’
He describes himself as one 'living amidst piles of books'. He loves to read; he will read anything and everything (except self-help books). At other times, he likes to sing or play different instruments. He also watches birds and occasionally collects bus tickets.


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