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Ankit Singh

SEO Intern

Ankit Singh is a dedicated SEO Intern at UR Digital who spends his workday swimming in keywords, finding sweet spots in articles for internal and external linking, and applying schema markups to prep our clients' webpages to face the almighty algorithm.

With a BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, Ankit spent eight years as a mixologist in various hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and resorts. To shake and mix things up a little bit, he took his service and management skills and jumped ship. Now that he’s in digital marketing, he has a fine opportunity to merge his interest in technology with his expertise in customer engagement.

His journey to UR Digital began when he spotted the internship opportunity on an employment website. Our job description and his career aspirations were a match, so he signed up, made it past the interviews, got tossed into the deep end on Day 1, and learned the strokes he needed to stay afloat—because SEO is not for the faint of heart.

As Ankit firmly believes in continuous learning, he is always on the lookout for new knowledge and skills that can increase his value and thrust him onward and upward in his role.

When not sifting through keywords, Ankit enjoys unwinding with music and keeping active by swimming.

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