Lekha Kothari Headshot

Lekha Kothari

SEO Intern

Lekha Chetan Kothari is the spirited SEO Intern at UR Digital who dedicates her days to becoming fluent in SEO-speak and getting keyword research, content optimisation, and data analytics down to a T.

It’s either because she’s young or imbued with superpowers that she can juggle her postgrad Computer Science coursework and her responsibilities at UR Digital. SEO clicked with her because she was fascinated by how certain principles of her study, particularly those areas light on coding, manifest digitally.

Lekha’s foray into SEO is as fresh as it is enthusiastic. With no prior experience in the field, she leans into her robust academic background and restless curiosity about digital marketing’s impact on business growth. Her entry into UR Digital was sparked by a friend's outreach: The friend sent her a link to apply, she jumped through all the hoops, and now she has her seat at the table.

Her professional mantra is pragmatic and empowering: "Don't say yes when you want to say no."

Beyond the algorithms and analytics, Lekha finds joy in journaling. She practises yoga and badminton to keep herself physically fit and mentally agile. Creating and preserving beautiful memories is also a passion of hers. You’ll find wholesome slices of her life documented on her YouTube channel, Beyond Lekha’s Lens (@beyondlekhaslens).

If you can search it, we can optimise it.