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Priyambika Aggarwal

Projects Coordinator

Priyambika Aggarwal is the Project Coordinator at UR Digital, where her knack for organisation and communication keeps our projects on track and our team on the same page.

Despite her academic background in Biotechnology (BSc), Priyambika's true calling didn't emerge until the unforeseen shift caused by COVID-19. This period of reflection led her to explore her passion for writing and culminated in internships that introduced her to SEO.

Priyambika's professional path took a turn when she decided to seek new challenges beyond her initial role in SEO content writing. Her journey with UR Digital began with a rigorous interview that tested her mettle. Despite doubts about her selection, she was thrilled to join the team. She has had an enriching experience so far, filled with growth, learning, and contributions to myriad projects.

Her professional principle is centred around the idea that experimenting with new things is always worthwhile. Failure is not a setback but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. If an endeavour does not succeed, there's no harm done; you gain a story to share and lessons to learn, helping you decide whether to attempt it again or move on.

When the workday ends, Priyambika indulges in her love for dramas, enjoys workouts at the gym, and savours the company of friends over the latest gossip. Her weekends are often spent exploring new cafés and restaurants.

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