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Shweta Kakani

Office Administrator

Shweta Kakani, our diligent Office Administrator at UR Digital, organises our daily operations efficiently and meticulously. With an impressive educational foundation in Human Resources (MBA), Marketing (PGDBM), and even Biotechnology (BSc), Shweta brings a multifaceted perspective to her role and ensures that our team runs like a well-oiled machine.

Shweta’s journey in administration and management began with a promising start at HDFC Bank. Life’s priorities led her to take a break, focusing on family, but her professional story didn’t end there. In 2020, she re-entered the professional world as a Consultant & Executive Assistant, and by 2022, fortune smiled upon her with the opportunity to become the first team member under Pulkit’s leadership at UR Digital.

At UR Digital, Shweta’s responsibilities span from managing Pulkit’s calendar, setting up meetings, and handling travel bookings to employee management and ensuring the smooth operation of our CRM systems. Her role, though not directly linked to SEO, is indispensable in supporting the team that drives our clients’ SEO success.

Shweta’s professional mantra is simple yet powerful: to always put in her best effort with a positive attitude. It’s this principle that guides her through her multifarious tasks, from onboarding new talents to managing holidays and overseeing hardware and software logistics.

Outside the office, Shweta is an avid sportsperson who finds joy and relaxation in lawn tennis and basketball.

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