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Susanna Correya

Content Writer

As a Content Writer at UR Digital, Susanna’s role is to research, write, and edit SEO-informed web copy and blogs that satisfy Google, our clients, and their customers.

She has an MA in Literature but attributes her linguistic flair not just to her formal education but also to her family’s efforts and encouragement.

At her first content job, she wrote for an SEO agency that had an intimidating laundry list of requirements. Once she mastered the brief, contrary to dreading their bimonthly requests, she began to enjoy the work and formed a rudimentary understanding of SEO principles.

She started her career as the in-house editor of a nascent publishing firm before stepping into her first full-time role as a Content Coordinator with an IT company. Eventually, she moved into an editing and writing role with a Bangalore-based digital media agency.

When she found UR Digital’s job opening for a Content Writer, she couldn’t believe her eyes because the culture and prospects felt too good to be true. She was on cloud nine when she landed the role and has been thriving with the exciting work and excellent work culture.

If there’s one principle she swears by, it is being true to oneself and being good to others.

When the 9–5 is over, she enjoys listening to music, crowding her showcase shelves with statues, playing with her cat Francis, dabbling in theology, reading novels/articles/academic books, and cooking for people she loves.

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