Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Customer Service

At UR Digital, we're all about making your life easier and improving every day. This philosophy of perpetual growth and steadfast commitment to service breathes life into every decision we make. Our new website, urdigital.com.au, is the culmination of over nine months of hard graft, late nights, and weekends spent listening and tweaking. It's a space we've built with you in mind, drawing on endless rounds of feedback to ensure it's something you'll find genuinely useful. We've poured over every detail to ensure that each aspect of the site and its features resonate with your needs and preferences because, frankly, what good is a website if it wins our hearts but not yours?

Made for You: Our New Website

The journey to our new site, urdigital.com.au, was no walk in the park. It took us 9 solid months, filled with back-and-forth, a bucketload of coffee, and some serious soul-searching about what you actually need. We weren’t just ticking boxes; we were out to redefine the experience.

Tossed the whole thing once, packed and moved from Duda to WordPress for a better fit, and doubled down on making your online visit as smooth as possible. From obsessively tweaking content to stress-testing every single feature, we've been on a mission to spot the glitches before they spot you.

Now, we're throwing the doors open for your brutally honest reviews; your thoughts are gold to us. Hit us up on our feedback form. Don’t hold back – we can take it.

Our Support Portal Designed with You in Mind

Emails, right? Here's the lowdown on why they were more miss than hit:

  • Playing hide and seek. Emails have a knack for burying themselves under a mountain of other messages. Finding the one that needs urgent attention? Good luck.
  • The never-ending thread. Ever tried following a conversation in an email thread longer than a queue at a coffee shop on Monday morning? It's a maze.
  • Attachments playing peek-a-boo. Important files attached to emails like to disappear just when you need them.
  • "Did I reply, or did I just think about replying?" The classic dilemma of managing customer emails. Did that important response ever make it out of the draft folder?
  • Timing tangles. You send an email, they reply, you miss it, they wait – it's a dance that nobody enjoys.
  • The detail dilemma. Ever got an email that's as clear as mud? Extracting the needed details can feel like detective work.

Tackling customer queries through emails was turning into a wild goose chase – not ideal. So, we cooked up something better: a support portal that’s a cinch to use. You have [email protected] at your fingertips for direct ticket creation or, if you’re feeling adventurous, hop into the portal and lodge one yourself. And yes, we still get a kick out of a good old chat over the phone or email.

What’s the cherry on top? You can now waltz right into our portal using your Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn account. Forget about juggling another password. It’s about making your life easier because, at UR Digital, you’re always in the driver's seat. Just a few clicks - name, email, what’s bugging you, how urgent it is, and bam – help is on the way. Plus, you can attach files up to 20 MB, making sure we get the full picture.

New Payment Methods to Simplify Your Life

We've been looking for ways to streamline the whole invoicing and payments experience. The result? A shift to MYOB for our bookkeeping, which means our invoices will be sporting a fresh new look. But don't fret—it's all part of our mission to make things clearer and more convenient for you.

In between these changes, here's what you need to know:

  • Switching to MYOB. We’re not just changing software; we’re upping our game. Expect invoices that are not only clearer but also easier to decode. No drama, just a different appearance.
  • New ways to settle up. We’re rolling out more payment options – BPAY for the bill-savvy, credit cards without the extra pinch (because surcharges are so last season), and good old EFT.
  • A promise we stand by. Surcharges? Not on our watch. Why pay more if you don’t have to? We believe in keeping your costs down, not sneaking in extras.
  • E-invoicing on the horizon. Get ready for a game-changer. Soon, we’ll shoot invoices directly to your accounting software—sleek, quick, and efficient.
  • Mobile-friendly invoices. Because life happens on the go—and who isn’t doing everything on their phone these days? Our invoices are now as mobile-friendly as your lifestyle, making them easy to view and manage on the go.

We're all about making life a tad easier for you, without the extra cost, and making sure every interaction—right down to paying an invoice—is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We're excited about these changes and hope you are too. As always, we're here to listen, improve, and grow together.

Coming Soon – Our Newsletter aka The Journal

We're gearing up for something special at UR Digital: the launch of The Journal, our very own newsletter. This isn't just another email in your inbox. We're setting out to make The Journal a read you actually look forward to. How? By ensuring we hit 'send' only when we've got something truly valuable to share.

Expect a blend of the latest goings-on at UR Digital, alongside a treasure trove of insights designed to give you an edge, whether you're getting to the bottom of SEO or looking to amplify your digital presence. Think of The Journal as your insider access to the nuggets of wisdom we've gathered, ready to be shared only when they're ripe and ready.

Stay tuned for the first issue – it's going to be a game-changer.

We’re Just Getting Started

It's clear that at UR Digital, we're not just about keeping the lights on. We're about shining brighter, pushing boundaries, and, most importantly, making your SEO journey as smooth and impactful as possible. Every step we take is with you in mind.

We're keen to hear what you think about these changes. Your feedback is the compass that guides our improvements, so we’re all ears. Tell us what hits the mark and what misses. Dive into our new website, explore what's possible, and remember, this journey is just getting started.

About Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit Agrawal is the founder and managing director of UR Digital. Pulkit has over 15 years experience in SEO for small, medium and some large sites globally. Today he leads the SEO team at UR Digital. He is also an Advisor at Realise Business for Digital Solutions (formerly ASBAS), Top 50 Small Business Leader 2022 and Top 20 Australian Digital Marketers To Work With in 2022. When not helping with SEO, Pulkit can be found playing and building his Monopoly empire.